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Art-Note Pads


innoXstatic Art-Note Pads are the same as innoXstatic-Notes, only larger in size, uses the same added static charge instead of glue - to cling to almost any dry, clean surface.

are like innoXstatic-Notes, only larger in size and make great smaller Mini-Whiteboards for your desktop and/or conference tables.

innoXstatic Art-Note Pads, are best for creative drawing, tracing, colouring, mind mapping, writing musical scores, and clinging instant bulletins for office and/or artwork around the office, school classrooms, etc.. 

The white side is dry erasable and reusable.

 50 sheets per Pad  

  • innoXstatic-Note(art)Pads in 3 sizes:
  • Sp (A5) 14.8x21cm (5.8"x 8.2" in) |
  • Mm (A4) 21x29.7cm (8.2"x 11.6" in) |
  • Available in 6 colours: yellow, green, orange, pink, blue, and white. 
  •  *Lg (A3) 29.7x42cm (11.6”x 16.5” in) "Mini-Whiteboards" dry-erase write both sides - white only. 

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