Go Green "REDUCE - REUSE - RECYCLE" by Design with innoXstatic!


About Us


InnoTools Oy, Finland (EU) specializes in manufacturing digital substrate polyfilms for both small and large format digital and offset printers since 2014. As the first and only manufacturer with its added patented Electrostatic Charged films provide the digital substrate material that is reusable and clings to most surfaces with no adhesive glue.

InnoTools stands for quality, innovation, and functionality. Our products are thoughtfully designed, adapted to modern requirements, and are developed to help make your job easier.


Supply Services for North and Central America Product Brands:

  1. innoFIXdigital.com Static-Substrate - Media Print Industry– raw material supply providing;
  • direct deliveries to Commercial Digital Printers and specialty Quick Copy Centers.
  • services to include custom co-branded manufactured products for our international innoTools brand partners and National Retail Accounts.
  • products are manufactured at our factory in Turku, Finland.
  • InnoTools Oy products are sold in more than 30 countries plus, our Joint-Venture-Partners in establishing market areas throughout Central Europe (EU), Nordic Countries, North and Central America. https://innoFIXdigital.com < North and Central America.
  • 2- innoXstatic.com Notes and Whiteboards – Commercial Office Supply
  • cling to all flat, clean, dry surfaces with added electrostatic charge.
  • innoXstatic clings like a floating magnet on both sides with full surface cling which makes the product more practical, versatile and long-lasting, compared to traditional sticky notes.
  • CLING-n-SLIDE innoXstatic notes are reusable and can be written on with pencils, pens, and dry erase markers. You can create your own creative space wherever you need or want. https://innoXstatic.com  < North and Central America.

3- Static Print Products (Static-Cling-Stickers)

  • In addition to Static Notes, we manufacture Static Print Material that is used for in-store marketing, large-format printing, and interior design solutions.
  • Any image can be printed on electrostatic material. The material gains its charge when detached from its backing paper.
  • The printed electrostatic image adheres to any flat, clean, dry surface such as windows, walls, mirrors, or doors, and does not damage sensitive surfaces.
  • InnoTools sells raw materials (both rolls and sheets) to printing houses or companies that print the desired added usage images with their own UV, offset, digital or laser printers.
  • Fast ink drying time and easy kiss cutting for any size static-stickers.

4- Protective Static Transparent Film

  • Protective Transparent Static Film clings onto the surface of devices to protect from dirt, dust, scratches.
  •  Avoid users from having direct contact with the device surface. InnoTools film has become essential during COVID-19.
  • It can be used on top of touchscreens, monitors, laptops, tablets, payment terminals, manufacturing machines, hospital machines.
  • Useable as Clear Whiteboards for Walls, Desks or Tabletops.
  • Custom Digital Printable and Kiss Cutting available from most Commercial Printers or Community Quick Copy Centres.

For North and Central America additional supply services please contact,

PROVALT Design Group at;


511-5790 Rembrandt, Cote Saint-Luc, QC.