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Protective Transparent Static Film Covering

To fight COVID-19 InnoTools Oy Finland began manufacturing Protective Static Transparent Sheets.

These transparent sheets are attached onto the surface of different devices to protect the device from dirt and scratches and to avoid direct contact with the device surface.

The idea is that a pack of Transparent Static Sheets is kept next to a device (or devices) that should be covered. Also, tear resistance for easy DIY re-cutting to custom sizing.   

The user then changes a new sheet before starting the work and takes it out after is done with using the device.

Also, protects computer keyboards, screens and tabletops (placemats), etc..

Examples of devices that can covered:  Hospital machines – Factory or manufacturing machines – Touchscreens – Laptops and printers – Payment terminals  – Fruit and vegetable scales in supermarkets.

The sheets attach with static electricity, so no glue or tape is needed. Touchscreen and button functions work normally. 

The Protective Transparent Static Sheets are available in 6 sizes from 7×5 cm (3"x 2"in) to DIN (A3) 42x29.7cm (16.5"x 11.6"in)

Notes 100 Sheets per pad and A5/A4/A3 50 Sheets per Pad.

Also, writable on both sides with both Permeant and/or Dry Erase Markers.



Size: Notepad-Sp-3"x2" (7x5cm)