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Notes | Art-Pads Bundled-5-Colours/Size

innoXstatic-Notes and Art-Note Pads are an alternative to traditional sticky notes, by using added electrostatic charge instead of glue to cling to most  clean dry surfaces.

innoXstatic Notes make great book-marks with no harmful glue and are safer to tag notes to  books, photos and Important documents. innoXstatic notes have no acidic adhesives unlike sticky notes that cause chemical damage to most paper surfaces overtime (uncoated & coated). 

They are ideal for taking notes and reminders, leaving messages, visualizing tasks, project planning, mind mapping, working in teams, playing games with family & friends, and Child Safe for ages 5+  :) 

The white side is dry erasable and reusable. | Recommended For Indoor Use.

Size: 4"x 2.75"in (10x7cm)

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